All new laundry, totally new washers and dryers and fully attended.

'Do your laundry in style and FAST – using our Express Washers"

"Large washers and dryers, bonus dollars and points"

Burbank Laundry has washers and dryers of all sizes available for your use –

  • Two 8 load Powerload Plus.
  • Four 5 load Powerloads.
  • Four 4 load Powerloads
  • Ten 3 load Extraloads.
  • Nineteen 2 load Doubleloads.
  • Eight Single load toploaders.
  • Forty-two 30 lb. dryer pockets.
  • Two 50 lb. dryer pockets

You will receive additional “bonus” money on your card when you make the following deposits onto your laundry card at one time:

  • add $10, receive $0.50 bonus
  • add $20, receive $2.00 bonus
  • add $50, receive $5.00 bonus
  • add $100, receive $10 bonus

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