Fluff and Fold Full Service

Full Service Wash, Dry & Fold

'We’re open SEVEN days a week from 6am to 8pm"

** Turnaround is typically within 24 hours. It may be 48 hours during high volume days but over 90% of orders are within 24 hours.


Your Dirty Laundry

Leave your clothes with us, get on with your busy day

We Clean

Wash your clothes with a guarantee not to combine with any others

You Pickup

All clothes will be folded and bagged

We will:

- Wash your clothes with a guarantee not to combine with any others.

- Use first grade detergents, softeners and dryer sheets.

- All clothes will be folded and bagged.

- Pants and collared shirts will be hung on hangers at your request.

- Special instructions and preferences will be followed and maintained for the future.

Nice and Simple! Our laundry plans are all-inclusive. No additional fees for special detergents or special requests.

**Order minimum is $17.00

>> Please review our Terms of Service

per pound
per pound
  • Full/Queen $25
  • King $30
  • Down Queen $40
  • Down King $45
  • Mattress Pad $25
  • Sleeping bags (med/lg) $27 / $32
  • Pillow $15
  • Down Pillow $25
  • Rugs & Mats (med/lg) $35 / $50

We are the only service in the area to offer “Ozone” wash

Ozone washing benefits you with every wash!
Eliminates Bacteria - Kills Mildew & Mold - Removes Odors - Extends Fabric Life - Leaves Your Laundry Smelling Fresher & Feeling Softer - Sanitizes Your Laundry - Read more>>