Commercial Accounts

Hotels, Nursing Homes, Athletic Clubs, schools, organizations and businesses are welcome to open commercial accounts.

Take advantage of our commercial accounts package and receive the following benefits:

  • Convenient scheduled pick-up and delivery dates (Large accounts only)
  • Commercial discounts
  • Free laundry bags
  • Monthly savings specials

Please call us at (818) 736-5563 to request more information.

Upon credit approval, you will be invoiced on a net 30 day basis. Your first order must be prepaid and a customer account number will be assigned at that time

We are the only service in the area to offer “Ozone” wash

Ozone washing benefits you with every wash!
Eliminates Bacteria - Kills Mildew & Mold - Removes Odors - Extends Fabric Life - Leaves Your Laundry Smelling Fresher & Feeling Softer - Sanitizes Your Laundry - Read more>>